Re-Award Pipeline Surveillance Contract To Tompolo, Okporoko Tells Tinubu

By Sunday Apah


A prominent youth leader and former Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Security, Olorogun Godwin Okporoko, has appealed to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to re-award the pipeline surveillance contract to High Chief Government Ekpemupolo (aka Tompolo).

Okporoko, who made the appeal during a chat with journalists, said the appeal for the re-award of the contract was because Tantita Security Services, owned by Tompolo, performed very well in securing pipelines and curbing activities of vandals.

Okporoko, known for his influence in the Niger Delta, argued that Tompolo’s expertise and experience in pipeline surveillance made him a suitable candidate for the contract.

He emphasized that the re-award would not only enhance the effectiveness of the surveillance efforts but also provide employment opportunities for local residents.

In defending the choice of Tompolo, Okporoko stated that Tompolo’s past experience and knowledge of the local terrain would be invaluable in addressing the persistent challenges surrounding pipeline security.

Okporoko further highlighted Tompolo’s contributions to the Niger Delta region, including his role in the amnesty program that helped to reduce unrest and militancy in the area.

He argued that awarding the pipeline surveillance contract to Tompolo would not only ensure effective protection of the pipelines but also promote peace and stability in the region.

“So, it will be counterproductive for the federal government to award the pipeline surveillance contract to someone else because Tompolo controls almost all the boys in the Niger Delta”.

Okporoko, who is also the President of Federated Owhawha Communities, advised Tompolo to ensure that he engages with the indigenes of oil-bearing communities when the contract is re-awarded to him.

He emphasized that in the past, Tompolo had sub-contracted work to individuals from the Urhobo nation who were not from oil-producing communities, resulting in a lack of tangible impact.

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