Former Heritage Advisor debunks allegations of financial malfeasance

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A former Senior Advisor on Community Relations to Heritage Energy Operational Services Limited (HEOSL), Mr Leonard Ovrawah has denied allegations of financial malfeasance levelled against him by his brother, Anthony Ovrawah.

Mr Ovrawah in a rejoinder signed by a Media Consultant, Decor Home Media, and made available to our media firm, he denied any wrong doing and dismissed the petition as false allegations.The statement read: “We write with reference to the Isoko Mirror Online story of September 30th, 2020 and Daily Watch of October 4th, 2020 with a sub caption Report of Financial Malfeasance by Leonard Ovrawah. The story, in its entirety is, to put it mildly, a very serious distraction from the ethical relationship that the Senior Advisor, Community Relations Department, Warri Office in Delta has established in the oil industry and community service. In summary the Isoko Mirror story and daily watch under reference contained, among others, three major false claims that:

“The Senior Advisor, Community Relations Community Relations Department, Warri Office in Delta was engaged in kickbacks from contractors;  The Senior Advisor, Community Relations was involved in depriving contractors from getting their contracts and that the Senior Advisor, Community Relations abused his office which lead to the termination of Mr. Leonard Ovrawah’s appointment.

“It is important to place on record, as what was stated in the story that, when contacted, Leonard Ovrawah emphatically and painstakingly debunked all the allegations that were considered as the kernel of the story with a promise to state in details his own side of the circumstances.

“We restate, without equivocation, that the story, as told by the major sponsor Anthony Ovrawah is a tissue of lies promoted for selfish reasons, by community politicians who have embarked on a campaign of calumny, blackmail and mischief against Leonard Ovrawah. Thus, without prejudice to whatever other steps we may take, we have decided to put the records straight; to afford the discerning public, particularly the good people of Isoko nation (Oleh community), Heritage Energy Operational Services Ltd and the opportunity to reach a fair and balanced judgment on the situation. Here are the facts. Ours is in response to all that is in circulations emanating from the frivolous petition written on behalf of Anthony Uzezi Ovrawah through the chambers of B.O. Ogboru Esq Asaba, Delta state.

“First, the dates contained in the said petition, the reasons cited for funds transfers are regrettably false. In denouncing the lies contained in the petition, Leonard Ovrawah signed offer of employment contract at Heritage Energy Operational Services Limited (HEOSL) 10th of July 2018 hence resumed almost immediately but the petitioner claimed to have paid money which he termed ‘Kickback’ to the personal account of the Senior Advisor, Community Relations Department, Warri Office in Delta on the 4th of July 2018. The said amount which is N3,000,000 (Three Million Naira) he claimed was for ‘kickback’ purpose, but it was never for such event. Rather the said money he mentioned was the amount paid for Leonard Ovrawah 2014 Model Toyota Camry Car (Grey Colour) he sold to him which the petitioner later reneged from buying after using the said car for Six (6) months.

“Secondly, the other reference he made under the petition where he claimed Mr. Believe Alakri, the President of Oleh Community Development Union also alleging kickbacks from contractors is totally falsehood in the same regards as HEOSL never investigated nor raised query to such baseless allegation of ‘kickbacks’ mentioned by Anthony Uzezi Ovrawah.

“Furthermore, the N5,150,000 (Five Million, One hundred & fifty thousand Naira) transaction referenced in his petition is unfounded and such figure was plucked from the imaginations of the petitioner Anthony Uzezi Ovrawah as he had never paid no such amount of money into the corporate account of Leonard Ovrawah while he served as the Community Development Officer, Community Relations Department, Warri Office in Delta State during the era of Salvic Petroleum Resources in 2017.

“Thirdly, may we respectfully and emphatically state that the said petition has nothing to do with the purported termination of Leonard Ovrawah’s appointment as the Senior Advisor of Community Relations in HEOSL. Although, the petitioner has been claiming a vain glory that his petition cost him his appointment. Without repetition, we say it bold here that the management of Heritage Energy Operational Services Limited did not call him for any investigation/questioning/inquiring based on Anthony’s petition that majority of the people and including the major source through which his appointment was purportedly terminated are also hinging on.

“This response is to debunk any allegation of financial malfeasance levied against Leonard Ovrawah as he was never investigated for the allegations referenced in Anthony Uzezi  Ovrawah’s petition whatsoever neither was any query issued in regards to the petition and thus his disengagement from HEOSL is not premised upon the baseless petition. The litigation process seeking to challenge the actions of Heritage Energy Operational Services Limited in a court of competent jurisdiction is currently at an advanced stage per the disengagement.

“The reason for the delay and this late detailed explanation was due to well-meaning Deltans and Isoko reputable sons and daughters who had previously asked to wade into the frivolous allegations of the petitioner. He was only co-opted into the preconceived plan championed by Mr. Morris Idiovwa chairman Community Development Board (CDB) as a means of causing distraction to the public on some pending case bordering on financial misappropriation of GMoU Project Funds. Thus the purported termination of contract ascribed to Anthony’s baseless petition is unfounded, as there was no investigation or query raised on such frivolous allegation contained in the petition. Hence this rebuttal became necessary to clear the name of Leonard Ovrawah and state the true position of events as opposed to the deceitful information that was published maliciously and circulated via different media dissemination points with intent to tarnish his own blood brother reputations before the entire world.

“The petition is unfounded and unbecoming of a royal blood. What the petitioner did was to exhibit his hatred, malice and jealousy against his own blood brother as a result he didn’t only sponsored the publications but also sponsored protesters against Leonard Ovrawah and the respected palace of Oleh kingdom.

“We perfectly understand the frustrations of economic turn coats who, through sleight of hand, delusorily expected to hijack everything about the palace and oil activities in Oleh community. “We have taken cognizance of his determination to seek to demonize the person of Leonard Ovrawah with a view to creating disaffection among the good people of Oleh community.

“Finally, we want to advise the Isoko Mirror, daily watch and other media houses that used the said publication that, as a medium that prides itself for professional journalism, it should guard against mischief-makers who have lost credibility before the people of Oleh community and other characters whose over-bloated ego and vaulting ambition could not be accommodated by the result oriented people guiding our community over time. On this note, we request Isoko Mirror, daily watch in deference to the ethical demand of the right of reply, to run our own side of the story unedited,” he stated.

When contacted about the petition against Leonard Ovrawah by Anthony Ovrawah, on 22nd of October 2020. The General Manager, Human Resources and Administration of Heritage Energy Operational Services, Bola Olajomi-Otubu and Tony Okogu Head of Corporate Relations & Media Consultant declined useful comments. However, responding through the official mail of Heritage Energy Operational Service on 26th of October, they said Leonard’s employment with the company does not end until the 31st of October, 2020.

According to them it will be inappropriate to comment on the termination of his appointment at the moment.

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